Immersion Experience

Come and See…

Madame Redrum’s Nine Gates of Doom offers the ultimate immersive haunted attraction experience. You and your friends will be escorted into Madame Redrum’s Shadow Realm – four full stories of the most frightening haunted house in Virginia. You will interact with the Madame and her cohorts, up close and personally.

They are so excited to make your acquaintance and help you discover your deepest and darkest fears.

The Immersions take place year round – however; they do not run concurrently with the seasonal walk through in October. The Immersions last anywhere from one hour to several hours. The experience begins with meeting  The Madame and selecting your preferences from our Menu of Dark Delights. After signing waivers and learning the safe word you will be granted the unwavering attention of Madame Redrum and her cohorts.

This is a full contact theatrical event. All participants must be 18 years of age or older.  All participants must sign waivers and be physically and mentally fit to participate.

The Madame hosts groups of 2 to 6 participants. Each experience can be customized to suit our guests.

Contact us via our contact form for more information or to schedule an Immersion Event.